[erlang-questions] What level of bundling is correct for sharing code?

fess fess-erlang@REDACTED
Tue Jan 15 23:01:21 CET 2008


I did end up writing my own Port for rrdtool,  and I put it up on  
google code. http://code.google.com/p/erlrrd/ [comments welcome,   
http://erlrrd.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/erlrrd/src/erlrrd.erl ]  since  
I'm new to erlang, it has been a good exercise.

At the moment it's just a gen_server call back module in  a single  
file,  It talks to a single rrdtool unix process.

I'm wondering what the right level of bundling should be to share  
this with the world,

Should it be an Application?  or a Library Application?  or  just the  
single gen_server file that it is?

I feel like an Application that actually starts and stops may be  
presuming too much about how someone wants to use it,
they may want to startup several of these Ports and partition the  
information being sent to them,  and in that case
they would probably be rolling their own application together, in  
which case they may want to start the gen_server
with their own supervisers etc.

I'm curious as to what is more the "erlang way".



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