[erlang-questions] Avoiding old and unused Heap

Eranga Udesh casper2000a@REDACTED
Mon Jan 14 21:37:03 CET 2008


In Erlang, is there a way to specify the maximum unused Heap size? What I
wants to avoid is in the process long run, to limit the below kind of unused
Heap memory growth.

Reductions: 16718
Stack+heap: 196418
OldHeap: 317811
Heap unused: 70692
OldHeap unused: 317811

I tried setting fullsweep_after spawn_opt, but it doesn't seems to work.
When there's about 30-40k processes in the system, above sort of memory
allocation exceeds 2GB memory limit and Erlang crashes.

How to fix?

- Eranga

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