[erlang-questions] how: binary from pipe in os:cmd

Miguel Rodríguez Rubinos miguelrubinos@REDACTED
Mon Jan 14 20:41:14 CET 2008

Hello all,

I'd like to read a binary from 'os:cmd("some_command with_args -")'.
This generates a binary that is sent through stdout as result.

The problem is that 'os:cmd' seems to stop reading when bytes 0x00
(NULL) or 0x04 (EOT) are found. So, usually, it doesn't return the
entire binary.

Has anybody idea of how to do this? I would like to read the entire
binary, not only the first N characters until 0x00 or 0x04.

For example, if you type

33> length(os:cmd("lame --silent bark.wav -")).    

Tha character at position 135 of resulting mp3 is 0x04. Besides,
full mp3 size should be 576 bytes.

Thanks in advance.



Miguel Rodríguez Rubinos <miguelrubinos@REDACTED>
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