[erlang-questions] wxErlang

Dan Gudmundsson dgud@REDACTED
Mon Jan 14 09:08:30 CET 2008


I have fixed one bug, involving cleaning pointers when 
process/application exited, it could cause crashes when memory was
reused in other applications.

I guess there are more bugs in there, a "working"/crashing example
would be great.

I'll make a new release soon, I need fix some more things first.


Bob Cowdery wrote:
> Hi Dan
> I hope you can help on this one. I have a situation where erlang will
> spontaneously exit. I thought this was probably one of my linked-in
> drivers going barmy but I've tracked it down to something in wx.
> The situation is this. I have several UI processes running, They share
> nothing and don't need to interact directly as that's all handled by a
> back-end FSM. I have therefore given them each their own environment and
> do not pass the environment across. Two of these processes are graphical
> in that they just draw stuff on the window. One of these draws a
> real-time graph refreshed every 100ms, the other is a set of digits that
> scroll and use mouse motion and wheel events. Both use wxBufferedDC to
> avoid flicker.
> It seems that there is some interaction between these two widgets. I can
> see some of the drawing operations on one widget being reproduced on the
> other. If I play with the scrolling digits I can get erlang to
> spontaneously exit. I suspect this is a threading issue as I have seen
> erratic drawing before when attacking the GUI from two different
> threads.
> Unfortunately I have so far failed to reproduce this in a simple example
> but if you don't have any ideas I will keep trying.
> Great toolkit by the way, keep up the good work.
> Regards
> Bob

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