[erlang-questions] Runtime crash vs. failed internal consistency check

Attila Babo babo.online@REDACTED
Thu Jan 10 19:52:39 CET 2008

find_9(<<_:16, Buffer/binary>>) -> <<Buffer>>.

This silly line of code cause an "Internal consistency check failed" error
message in R12B:

*find9: function find_9/1+9:
 Internal consistency check failed - please report this bug.
 Instruction: {bs_put_integer,{f,0},
 Error:       {match_context,{x,0}}:*

This message is a huge improvement, as the same code compiles in R11B6, but
causing a runtime crash:

*** exited: {badarg,[{find9,find_9,1},{shell,exprs,6},{shell,eval_loop,3}]}

*Am I correct when suspecting that R12B tries to truncate the binary to a
single byte?

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