[erlang-questions] Speeding up text file I/O

Per Gustafsson per.gustafsson@REDACTED
Mon Jan 7 16:52:39 CET 2008

Christian S wrote:
> Do you know if this has been benchmarked against the more attractive code
> that R12B makes more efficient? Because those functions make me want to
> change profession to something where you get to hurt people.

I found that the following function is about 10% faster then the 
unrolled function when using BEAM R12B:

find_8(Buffer, Char, Pos) ->
   case Buffer of
     << Char, _/bits >> -> Pos;
     << _, Rest/bits >> ->
       find_8(Rest, Char, Pos+1);
     _ ->

It might depend a little on the input though and when both functions 
were native compiled there was no major difference between them.


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