[erlang-questions] Real time system

igwan igwan@REDACTED
Mon Jan 7 01:41:16 CET 2008

Nuwan Gamage a écrit :
> Hi,
> I want to know, how to program real time data processing system
> no7 signalling process system using "Erlang"
> How can I begin this pls guide me.
> (Is there any better interface with "Erlang" to show view above program
> pls specify how to create interface also)
> I wish to communicate with you through out my process continuously.
> Thanks
> Nuwan

Erlang is a perfect match for telecom signalling, you've come to the 
right place :) It all depends on what you want to do with these 
signalling messages. Are you implementing a call server (a switch) ? A 
SS7 probe ? A gateway ?
Regarding interfaces, Erlang does SCTP/IP, so you can process SS7 
tunneled into M2UA/M3UA. If you're going to have hardware trunk cards 
directly into your system, you'll need glue code to communicate with 
your Erlang node, there is a number of ways to do (ports, C nodes, 
linked-in drivers), look into the "Interoperability" section of the 
documentation. Erlang also has a MEGACO/H.248 library for controlling a 
media gateway.
As for the application itself, Erlang is about decomposing your system 
into processes (truly concurrent activities). For example, in the case 
of a switch, a call through it would be modelled as one or a group of 
FSMs (look into the documentation for the gen_fsm behaviour, there's a 
example of modelling POTS, altough simplistic). You would also have a 
process for each trunk or termination to manage physical resources...

If you're new to Erlang, I advise you read Joe Armstrong's book to get 
started, then look into OTP behaviours and interoperability. You would 
then have a better idea where to go from there.


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