[erlang-questions] badrpc, nodedown - newbie question

Jim Cook aerialbear@REDACTED
Sat Jan 5 14:29:15 CET 2008

HI everyone:

I'm sorry to ask a newbie question but I have run out of ideas, and just
don't know what I'm missing.

I'm trying to replicate Joe Armstrong's name server example on page 172 of
"Programming Erlang", which is my favorite book at the moment :).

I've got two PCs: one is running Fedora 8, the other SuSE 9.3. I've used
/etc/hosts to configure their names and I've verified that the names (
kodiak.abcd.home and arcturus.abcd.home) work in both directions by pinging
and by accessing their httpds via a browser.

I start erl on the fedora box (kodiak) with

erl -name gandalf -setcookie abc

then I start kvs and store some values just like in the book. Local lookups
work fine as described on pages 170-172 of the book.

Then I switch to the SuSE box (arcturus) and launch erl like this

erl -name joe -setcookie abc

Breathless with anticipation (well, nearly) I then run

rpc:call(gandalf@REDACTED, kvs, lookup, weather).

and I get

{badrpc, nodedown}

I have tried everything I can think of to get the names working including IP
addresses and various name combinations.

For example I tried starting erl with fully qualified names on both sides,

erl -name gandalf@REDACTED -setcookie abc


Basically I've decided that I just don't understand how erl is doing its
name resolution and before I start wading through the code trying to figure
it out, I wanted to see if anybody could straighten me out.  Thanks in
advance for any suggestions.

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