[erlang-questions] APB for APIs

Bob Calco bobcalco@REDACTED
Fri Jan 4 14:20:35 CET 2008

Does anyone know of anyone working on the following APIs for Erlang:

- An API to generate PDF files
- Alternatively, an API to generate LaTeX output that can be compiled using
pdftex on the fly?
- Flickr and Facebook integration 
- Converting to/from cXML (www.cxml.org)

These are all needful things I expect to implement on a current project, but
thought it wise to ask whether these particular wheels had already been

These are all things I know more or less how to do (or find already done) in
C++, C#, Ruby and Java, but as I'm growing fonder daily of Erlang and pretty
much convinced it's the right tool for a particular job I'm working on,
which is fairly tight in the deadline department, but something over which I
have total creative control.

I am planning to use Yaws as the web server and Adobe Flex/AIR for the UI.
The latter was inspired by the Flexible Rails book by Manning that is
currently in early access. (Yes I'm a Rails convert.) Any experience anyone
has doing that would also be helpful.

>From this experience I hope to extend the OTP into the OWT (Open Web
Toolkit), an Erlang equivalent to RoR.

Incidentally if anyone is willing to help out, with pointers or code, on
said APIs I may be in a position to help with some modest compensation
beyond a hearty thank-you.

Thanks in advance!

- Bob

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