[erlang-questions] R12.0B and Sparcs

Bruce O'Neel erlang@REDACTED
Tue Jan 1 16:03:40 CET 2008

Happy New Year,

Here at the home for ancient, disused, and discarded computers we noticed that 
while R11B-5 built and ran just fine on Sparcs, R12B-0 did not at least on 
OpenBSD and NetBSD.

No, not Ultras, the sparcs that Sun hasn't actually shipped for 10+ years, the old
V7 and V8 systems (ie SPARCstation 10s, 20s, 4s, and 5s etc).

It turns out that a small change to 


allows them to work again.

> /* BEO  for SPARC OpenBSD only.  Not SPARC64! */

Basically the above define throws away the optimized assembly code in 
erts/include/internal/sparc32 which is V9 (ie Ultra) specific.

Thanks very much for both erlang and the OpenBSD port of it.



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