[erlang-questions] Conversion of string into Ascii values ??

J Bhanot j.bhanot@REDACTED
Thu Feb 28 13:19:53 CET 2008


I am bit confused in C node for this......beacuse when i send "abc" from 
Erlang node to C.....

I have used all this to check the type.......where buff is the message 
from Erlang node i.e. "abc"

 k = ERL_IS_INTEGER(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " intType %d\n\r", k);

        k = ERL_IS_UNSIGNED_INTEGER(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " uintType %d\n\r", k);

        k = ERL_IS_FLOAT(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " fltType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_ATOM(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " atomType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_PID(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " pidType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_PORT(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " portType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_REF(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " refType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_TUPLE(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " tupType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_BINARY(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " binType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_LIST(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " listType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_EMPTY_LIST(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " elistType %d\n\r", k);
        k = ERL_IS_CONS(buff);
  fprintf(stderr, " consType %d\n\r", k);

Now, it gives true for int type ..............and hence I have to use 
erl_mk_int.....which gives me values in Ascii in C node...

Is there a way in which I get abc in C node instead of Ascii values..

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