[erlang-questions] Berkeley DB apparently FREE for any use via Erlang

Sascha Matzke sascha.matzke@REDACTED
Wed Feb 27 23:18:21 CET 2008


maybe that because in the Java case Oracle delivers both, the library  
itself and the interface into the Java language. They're both under  
the same license (e.g. db-4.5.20/LICENSE).

That's not the case for the Perl and PHP interfaces.


On 27.02.2008, at 22:20, Florian Weimer wrote:

> * Chris Newcombe:
>> Therefore, by the above text on Oracle's website, Erlang 'scripts'
>> don't need to be open-sourced (and have no other restrictions imposed
>> upon them) if they use Berkeley DB indirectly via the Erlang runtime.
> The situation is similar with Java, and Oracle seems to assume that  
> you
> still fall under the free software requirement with that language.
> *shrug*
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