[erlang-questions] Steve Vinosky interview

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Wed Feb 27 10:37:15 CET 2008

My kid brother Pär is starting to complain that Erlang keeps popping
up everywhere he looks.

Here's an InfoQ interview with CORBA Guru Steve Vinosky:

A nice thing about this interview is that it's thoroughly grounded in
CORBA, C++ and REST, but also ends up saying very good things about

"In terms of concurrency, if you're writing middleware I think you owe
it to yourself to look at Erlang. The language itself has the
primitives, then there are libraries called the Open Telecom Platform
that come with it, that build on those primitives to make reliable
software almost simple. It's never simple, but compared to what you
have to do, jumping through hoops in other languages, it's kind of a

Ulf W

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