[erlang-questions] Erlang image improvements (was: Re: Beyond Strings as Lists)

Colin Z theczintheroc2007@REDACTED
Mon Feb 25 16:03:18 CET 2008

>>I like how this thread reminds me of "bikeshedding".
>>So like, what colors should the new frontpage be?

That's kind of my point. There's no centralized, official place to go to
propose or organize these kinds of things. Or maybe there is(?) As I've
admitted, I'm a newbie to the community. But so far I haven't found anything
like I'm describing. If so, where do you apply? Who do you contact? How do
you get involved meaningfully?

Regarding bikeshedding...why would I go off and create a mock-up of a new
Erlang homepage if I don't feel like there's any hope that someone with any
authority will see it or even care?

Open source is one thing, but just look to Linux to see that it still
requires some kind of hierarchy or organization. If such a thing existed
then they could, say, hold a contest and solicit designs for a new homepage.
That way you not only get a new homepage, but you also generate hype for the
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