[erlang-questions] asn1 and the new ssl module

Ingela Anderton Andin ingela@REDACTED
Mon Feb 18 10:20:54 CET 2008


The new ssl implementation is pure Erlang as apposed to the old one 
where all ssl-stuff  is handled on c-level and then a clear-text 
message  is sent from c to Erlang via a socket
using the inet-driver to parse packet headers. Now in the new 
implementation the inet-drivers header parsing has to be emulated as the 
messages received on the socket
are encrypted and must be decrypted before header parsing can be done.
The first version of new ssl  released in R12B is not yet ready to 
replace the old one. For instance not all packet types are emulated.  
Only  {packet, N} and
{packet, cdr} is fully implemented and tested.  Before dropping the old 
ssl-solution of course all documented packet types will be supported. 
(Probably also the currently
undocumented http-packet type.)
Regards Ingela -OTP team

 > Hi all, I'm using the new ssl module to "upgrade" a gen_tcp socket to 
ssl. But I couldn't find a way to easily receiving asn1 packets from it. 
My question is, it's possible to use the
 > {packet,asn1} option when using the new ssl module?. 
ssl_connection.erl seems to not have any reference to that option. 
Finally I implemented the buffering and packet delimiting code in
 > my application, but I wonder if there is an easy and early way to 
accomplish the same. regards,
 > -- Pablo Polvorin

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