[erlang-questions] erlang automake and autogenerate erlang otp files

db masterofquestions@REDACTED
Wed Feb 13 18:48:53 CET 2008

I will answer my own questions:

> In addition, I know that .app file goes into /ebin folder.  Where do
> you place the other files that get autogenerated by builder?

Builder generates these files and places them into priv folder.  priv
folder is created if it is not present.  You can also pass the path to
folder where you want to put .boot, .load, .rel, .script files if you
don't like the default priv folder.  .app file is automatically placed
into ebin folder by builder.  Builder is run from the root folder of
the application and it determines the version number from the root

> Automake installs my erlang application into /usr/local/lib/erlang/
> lib.  But I have my erlang lib folders in /usr/local/erlang/otp_r12b-0/
> lib/erlang/lib.  My erlang root is: /usr/local/erlang/otp_r12b-0 and
> automake does perform valid erlang lib check for mnesia.  But it can
> not deduce the right erlang lib folders during install.  Why is this
> discrepancy?

Automake default install location is /usr/local.  You need to add --

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