[erlang-questions] erlang automake and autogenerate erlang otp files

db masterofquestions@REDACTED
Fri Feb 8 06:58:40 CET 2008

I am using autoconf and automake to handle erlang apps.  Can someone
tell me how I can autogenerate .app file?

I have tried builder in jungerl in stand alone mode.  Anyone knows how
I can use builder within autoconf and automake to
autogenerate .rel, .app, .boot, .start, .load, .script?

In addition, I know that .app file goes into /ebin folder.  Where do
you place the other files that get autogenerated by builder?

Automake installs my erlang application into /usr/local/lib/erlang/
lib.  But I have my erlang lib folders in /usr/local/erlang/otp_r12b-0/
lib/erlang/lib.  My erlang root is: /usr/local/erlang/otp_r12b-0 and
automake does perform valid erlang lib check for mnesia.  But it can
not deduce the right erlang lib folders during install.  Why is this

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