[erlang-questions] Strings as Lists

Dustin Whitney dustin.whitney@REDACTED
Wed Feb 13 05:29:02 CET 2008

> Still there is a need for standard string datatype, which will be good for
> 90% of uses and it should be accepted by all standard libs.
> I reperesent strings as binaries, and my code become much more verbose
> (almost unreadable), i.e using:
> * <<"ABC">>, instead of "ABC"
> * <<S1/bytes,S2/bytes>> instead of S1++S2
> * using file:delete(binary_to_list(Filename)) instead of
> file:delete(Filename)
> * xmerl and erlsom parse into lists and not binaries (I heard about expat
> port, which can parse binary XML, but I don't know how to extract it's
> code
> out of ejabberd).
> etc.
I agree.  A standard string datatype would be a great addition, and it would
make picking up erlang twice as easy.  I am playing around with erlang right
now, and strings have been the biggest hurdle for me.

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