[erlang-questions] Jinterface - ping and send trouble

Robin robi123@REDACTED
Fri Feb 8 02:17:02 CET 2008

I have Jinterface successfully talking between Erlang and Java.

>From Java, I can send a message to any named Erlang process on an
Erlang node.

>From Erlang, I can send a message direcly to a Jinterface PID:
JAVA_PID ! foobar.  % works, but getting the PID was round about

>From Erlang, I could not send a message to a named Jinterface mailbox,
nor ping:

{named_mb, javanode@REDACTED} ! foobar.  % does not work

% then I noticed that ping does not succeed:
(erlangnode@REDACTED)9> net_adm:ping(javanode@REDACTED).

% ping fails, but net_adm can talk to and see the OtpNode
(erlangnode@REDACTED)10> net_adm:names().

Since the communication was verified both ways, then it should be
possible to send a message from Erlang to a named Jinterface mailbox,
and also ping the Jinterface OtpNode, or are these operations expected
not to work?



Jinterface 1.4, erlang R12B, java 1.5.0_13 on OSX

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