[erlang-questions] Same Name registered in separate global groups

Andrew Stone stondage123@REDACTED
Fri Aug 22 08:12:34 CEST 2008

I was wondering if it is possible to have the same name registered in multiple global groups on the same distributed erlang network (same cookie). 
e.g. foo is part of global group 'a' and foo is also part of global group 'b', but occasionally the two groups need to communicate with each other, although the foo on 'a' is never referenced by apps in global group 'b' and vice versa. Only unique names are referenced that way.

The problem is that I have 2 IP networks which have identical global names in each network. Yet there is a node on each network that communicates with its corresponding node on the other network to exchange information. These nodes on different networks use unique global names. I want to ensure that each of these nodes that need to communicate to nodes on external IP networks only reference the shared names on it's own network (global group).

Is this possible or do I need to make all globally registered names, regardless of group, unique.

Hope this was somewhat clear.


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