[erlang-questions] Possible bug after ets:insert exception

Andras Georgy Bekes bekesa@REDACTED
Tue Aug 19 16:24:29 CEST 2008

> Is this a bug?
> 4> ets:insert(testtable, bar).
> ** exception error: bad argument
>      in function  ets:insert/2
>         called as ets:insert(testtable,bar)
> 5> ets:tab2list(testtable).
> ** exception error: bad argument
>      in function  ets:match_object/2
>         called as ets:match_object(testtable,'_')
>      in call from ets:tab2list/1

Each ETS table has an owner process. The owner is the process that 
created the table. The table is automatically deleted when the owner 

The owner of your table was the shell process which crashed with badarg. 
The shell automatically created a new shell process for you, but the 
table was gone with the previous shell process.


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