[erlang-questions] Error: bad value on output port ‘tcp_inet'.

Enhnaran Alexander enhnaran@REDACTED
Sun Aug 17 16:03:15 CEST 2008


I am now using Thrift, a lightweight, language-independent software stack. I
use this to communicate and transfer data between servers on which are
deployed system written in different languages. So when I call
            thrift_client:call(Client, Func, Args)
which encapsulates call to
            gen_server:call(Client, {Client, Func, Args}),
with the parameters like this:
            thrift_client:call(Client, myFunc, [[{data, "f1", "f2", ...,
it prompts out ERROR REPORT saying "Bad value on output port 'tcp_inet'".

I have asked Mr. Google for help and only to find some answers. It is said
that a list or binary should be passed in, and if something like a tuple or
so is passed as a parameter, then such an error occurs. But I didn't at all
pass a tuple or anything but a list, so then why did this take place?

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