[erlang-questions] Dialyser fails on erlsom

Tobias Lindahl tobias.lindahl@REDACTED
Fri Aug 15 13:18:13 CEST 2008

Jean-Charles Campagne wrote:
> Hello,
> Is anyone experiencing issue with dialyzer analysing the erlsom beam ?
> For instance, I get something like :
>     $ dialyzer --build_plt -r $ERL_TOP/lib/
>     Could not compute md5 for file: /opt/local/lib/erlang/lib/ 
> erlsom-1.2.1/ebin/erlsom.beam
>     dialyzer: Internal problems were encountered in the analysis.
> I tried to look around for some info... but no luck...
> Is this a known issue ?

I agree that the error message is not very helpful.

The md5 is built from the abstract code which is generated when the 
compile option +debug_info is given. My guess is that the erlsom files 
are built without this option. If you want to include the erlsom in the 
analysis it needs to compiled with +debug_info anyway, not just to 
compute the md5.


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