[erlang-questions] Question about Erlang project deployment

Enhnaran Alexander enhnaran@REDACTED
Tue Aug 12 05:13:42 CEST 2008

I am now on a project that adopts Erlang as the development language. During
the development I encountered a problem, that, we have to build and install
Erlang on the server because we are using some third-party library which is
written in Erlang, too. But there are more than one server here (maybe up to
100 servers), and it seems not reasonble to download the source code, make,
and install Erlang (as well as OTP) on each server; that will be too
time-consuming and not efficient. So we decide to make and install Erlang on
one machine and copy the binaries (such as /lib, /bin, and so forth) to the
other servers. But this brings forth another question: how to transfer these
from server to server? And is there any efficient way to manage this?

Thanks in advance.

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