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Michael FIG fig@REDACTED
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For those of you who work on Windows, I partly developed an installer creator (which needs an installed Windows Erlang and the free Inno Setup) that allows you to bootstrap an Erlang target system with an initial release tarball.

It's available at http://fig.org/michael/wintarget/

I haven't made sure that systools can be used on Windows yet, so you need to do some work yourself.  (It's useful to my company because we use Inno Setup, and wanted to bundle a minimal Erlang with our product, kind of like CEAN, only customizable and not using NullSoft).

Eventually, I want to be able to use the full OTP capabilities and generate fat release tarballs that can be installed using release_tools into the bootstrapped target system on any operating system we support.  I probably won't do that for a while, though.

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The OTP release management tools look really useful, but they also
seem to have a steep learning curve.  I was curious if anyone on the
mailing list has successfully used them in real-world deployments.
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