[erlang-questions] Memcached client implementation

Geoff Cant nem@REDACTED
Fri Sep 21 11:32:52 CEST 2007

"David Welton" <davidnwelton@REDACTED> writes:

> Hi,
> I needed a memcached implementation for some work I'm doing, so I've
> been working on a simple one.  A few questions:
> 1) I'm using gen_server so that I can start it up and have a socket
> that remains open with the memcached server.  Does that seem like a
> good approach?  It's been several years since I've worked with Erlang
> and I'm a bit rusty.
> 2) We would like to open source this code - what might be the best
> place for it?  I still have commit access to jungerl (isn't it time to
> switch to subversion, though?), so that's one possibility - anything
> else?
> Thanks,
> -- 
> David N. Welton
> http://www.welton.it/davidw/

Great! I've been meaning to write a memcache interface for some time,
but have a dearth of round to-its.

A one gen_server/tcp_socket approach sounds pretty reasonable - if
there's a benefit to be had from a pool of these connections you could
add a simple one for one supervisor to manage a collection of them.

For publishing code a subversion repository at code.google.com or a git
repository anywhere would be really useful.

--Geoff Cant

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