[erlang-questions] ErlyBird 0.15.0 released - An Erlang IDE based on NetBeans

Caoyuan dcaoyuan@REDACTED
Fri Sep 21 09:41:55 CEST 2007

I'm pleased to announce ErlyBird 0.15.0, an Erlang IDE based on
NetBeans. This is a major features release. This release will only
provide all-in-one IDE package, which is in size of 17.6M.


* Pretty formatter (Ctrl+Shift+F).
* Variables and functions occurrences mark.
* Better brace matching highlighting, such as for 'try-catch-end', 'if-end' etc.
* "-import" syntax now works in all cases, that means RabbitMQ's code
will be parsed correctly.
*Various bugs fixes.

As NetBeans 6.0 beta1 was just released, I hope ErlyBird has got more
stable also.

Java JRE 5.0+ is requested.

To download, please go to:

To install:

1. Unzip erlybird-bin-0.15.0-ide.zip to somewhere. For Windows user,
execute 'bin/erlybird.exe'. For *nix user, 'bin/erlybird'.
2. Make sure 'erl.exe' or 'erl' is under your environment path
3. Check/set your OTP path. From [Tools]->[Options], click on 'Erlang,
then 'Erlang Installation' tab, fill in the full path of your
'erl.exe' or 'erl' file. For instance: "C:/erl/bin/erl.exe"
4. The default -Xmx option for jvm is set to 256M, ErlyBird now works
good with -Xmx128M. If you want to increase/decrease it, please open
the config file that is located at etc/erlybird.conf, set -J-Xmx of

When you run ErlyBird first time, the OTP libs will be indexed. The
indexing time varies from 10 to 30 minutes deponding on your computer.

Notice: If you have previous version of ErlyBird 0.12.0+ installed,
you can keep your old cache files, otherwise, please delete the old
cache files which are located at:

*nix: "${HOME}/.erlybird/dev"
mac os x: "${HOME}/Library/Application Support/erlybird/dev"
windows: "C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\.erlybird\dev" or some where

The status of ErlyBird is still Alpha, feedback and bug report are welcome.

Project web site:

Developing blogs:

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