[erlang-questions] sb. heard of a viable embedded erlang microproocessor

Minsloc Tarren minsloc@REDACTED
Tue Sep 18 13:07:45 CEST 2007

I am currently looking for a erlang microprocessor suitable for embedded
development (as an alternative to Atmel's and PIC's).

I want to use it as a controller(s) in building management system,
semi-autonomous robots (hobby project), and even send it too the moon - not
that i'm brains behind anything, i'm just a guy a bunch of x-prize winner
wannabees asked to program the low-level mechanics in the moon-buggy and who
refuses to touch assembly for the rest of his life ;-))

Only thing i''ve been able to find on the web is a message from 10/2001 that
the design presented at EUC 2000 is nearly finished :
http://www.erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2001-October/003789.html .

Other sources state that it never was finished.

Does anybody know about a ready solution ?

The FPGA variant will probably be too pricey to use as a basis for
commercial products, and power consumption - and maybe even higher
sensitivity to interferences that can be expected in open space - will
probably disqualify it from from the usage in the xprize mission, or am I
wrong (I'm not a hardware guy) ?
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