[erlang-questions] Yaws, ErlyWeb and Windows.

David Mercer dmercer@REDACTED
Mon Sep 10 22:18:57 CEST 2007

My post ain't gonna be much help other than to let you know Windows Yaws is
not a mirage: I got it working a few months ago with minimal problems.  I
cannot say exactly how I did it, but I would guess I just installed it from
CEAN, because my mind has no recollection that there was any trick to it.



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Bob Cowdery wrote:
> Hi All
> Can someone give me the picture on Yaws and ErlyWeb under Windows please

I'm sorry about that - to my knowledge there is quite a lot
of people running yaws under windows. I don't run windows at
all any longer - and I'll just have to leave it up to the
yaws/windows community to write e.g. a proper wiki entry on how to do 
it. I know for sure that it atleast used to work - I made sure it
worked once, but it might have gone bad.

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