[erlang-questions] Yaws, ErlyWeb and Windows.

Bob Cowdery Bob.Cowdery@REDACTED
Sun Sep 9 20:00:33 CEST 2007

Hi All

Can someone give me the picture on Yaws and ErlyWeb under Windows please. Firstly I've failed pretty dismally to get Yaws working on Windows. I compiled and run it on Linux no problem. I found some info on building under cygwin and also some batch files to compile natively but both fail me right now. I did download the erlang repository (Erlang-Projects.Org) and that runs up Yaws fine but it seems to use some tricks to do it and I can't see how to just copy the Yaws directory and use it with my existing erlang system.

If you have successfully got Yaws working what route did you use - I'd rather not run it under cygwin because nothing else in my erlang systems need to and I don't see why Yaws should be diferent.

I've also read some posts that suggest ErlyWeb does not work under Windows. Does anyone know of any issues?

Thanks for any help.


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