[erlang-questions] Stand Alone Erlang or Equivalent

Benjamin Tolputt bjt@REDACTED
Sat Sep 8 07:38:41 CEST 2007

Jim McCoy wrote:
> What is probably needed here is a custom beam loader that can check
> signatures on the beam files.  This variant would replace the bit that
> loads a beam from disk with a function that first scans the beam to
> generate a hash and then compares the hash to a manifest that has been
> signed by the publisher's pubkey.  It would deter casual attacks and
> any additional security you want to add would probably be best handled
> in the beam loading mechanism anyway, so this would also be the
> logical place to start if you wanted to later add beam encryption,
> etc.
That would be one essential step. The other would be being able to load 
beams from an archive file of some form. If I understand Kenneth 
Lundin's email correctly - this is in the works but without a "delivery 


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