[erlang-questions] ei, erlang_interface, creation and deprecation

Jeff Hodges jeff@REDACTED
Tue Sep 4 09:15:41 CEST 2007

Hey all,
   I've gone through the archives, but the search seems to be  
broken.  I have two questions both concerning the ei library.

   The first question is, how should I be calculating the creation  
short that is passed to ei_connect_init (or erl_connect_xinit)?  All  
of the code I've seen "in the wild" just set it 0 and move on, but  
the docs claim its used in case of node name collisions.  So, what's  
the "right way" to get the creation number?

   The second is, is erl_interface still deprecated? I found a post  
from long ago[1] that mentioned that, but later ones mention that it  
and ei would be getting "cleaned up".  None of the docs mention any  
of this.  And the docs do not mention ei, much at all (no User Guide,  
for instance).  I assume that the docs are just out of date and  
needing some love?

   Thanks for the help.

[1]  http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2003-August/ 

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