[erlang-questions] Tools for Erlangers

Ben Munat bent@REDACTED
Sun Sep 2 02:14:52 CEST 2007

I'm still an erlang newbie, but I've used erlide some and have no complaints. It
shows me syntax errors, has template generators for modules, etc. Well, I guess
my one complaint would be that the console doesn't have up-arrow command history
(like the erlang shell does).

There's also Caoyuan's ErlyBird, which is a Netbeans-based erlang IDE:


I haven't tried that but will definitely do so when I get around to trying the
Netbeans Ruby on Rails support.

I also haven't tried the emacs support cuz I'm still too chicken to try emacs...
I'm barely comfortable with VI!

Out of curiosity, why did you list the Maven plugin in the list of erlang resources?


Lone Wolf wrote:
> Hi.
> What is your Erlang development tools?
> For Java, I have IntelliJ, Ant, Maven and alot of frameworks (Spring,
> Hibernate, Seam...).
> For Erlang, resources are so limited (ErlyWeb, Maven plugin and Erlide).
> Do you recommend any tools for Erlanger?
> Thanks.
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