[erlang-questions] Question about higher order function

David King dking@REDACTED
Fri Nov 30 21:03:09 CET 2007

>> Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong here or if Erlang is
>> really so akward and clumsy why it is this way?
> Not knowing a language and trying to learn it is OK - it's a very good
> thing actually.
> Not knowing a language and characterizing it with adjectives such as
> "awkward", "clumsy" and "terrible" is not particularly constructive
> in my opinion.

He didn't say it *was*, he asked why this particular construct was,  
*if* indeed the way he found was the only one. That's a perfectly  
valid question.

If someone asked why it's so awkward and clumsy to use mnesia to do  
something for which you should be using an RDBMS, the answer would be  
"because that's not what it's designed for. Here is what it does  
well, and here's why it's awkward to do that".

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