[erlang-questions] idea: DB in Prolog application in Erlang

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Fri Nov 30 10:45:39 CET 2007


A long time ago Erlang started as a extension to Prolog ...

Now Prolog is a wonderful language for querying databases in -
<<forget this SQL stuff it's horrendously verbose compared to Prolog queries>>

So why when we talk about Erlang + an external data base do we
automatically reach for an SQL data base?

I haven't been actively following the Prolog world, so here's my questions:

Are there any prolog data bases with ACID properties.

I'd like something that is

   - open source
   - resident (is runs like mySQL as a resident task on my machine)
   - can handle large amounts of data (meaning I could store several
giga facts in the DB)
   - has ACID properties

Given the similarity between Erlang and Prolog data structures
integration between the two languages
could be very nice.

Embedded prolog queries in Erlang would be *very* nice, just
interpreting erlang variables
as prolog logical variables.

Comments anybody?

/Joe Armstrong

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