[erlang-questions] 64-bit erlang

Christian S chsu79@REDACTED
Thu Nov 29 11:59:39 CET 2007

2007/11/29, Joe Armstrong <erlang@REDACTED>:
> Are there no memory extenders that allow a 32 bit application to
> address memory outside the 4G address space?

Virtual memory allow you to have more than 4Gb of RAM, but each
individual process has a 32bit memory space. So the outside memory
would effectively be a kind of "high memory" area.


Is it not interesting to ponder SMP alternatives? Such as having
multiple nodes on localhost with privilegies, maybe look into
zero-copy messaging across contexts, maybe simple but explicit process
migration and ditto for open fds?

As computers will get more cores, RAM will probably not stay as random
access (isnt this what NUMA is about?), some RAM will be close to a
core, and other RAM will be further away from the core but still much
faster to access than over the network.

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