[erlang-questions] how: cascading events in gen_fsm

Lev Walkin vlm@REDACTED
Tue Nov 27 23:52:53 CET 2007

Hate special cases...

Can you switch to a known-length-size-header processing after
dealing with a header?

 From `erl -man inet`:

             {packet, PacketType} (TCP/IP sockets):
             Defines the type of packets to use for a socket. The  fol-
             lowing values are valid:

                   1 | 2 | 4:
                   Packets consist of a header specifying the number of
                   bytes in the packet,  followed  by  that  number  of
                   bytes. The length of header can be one, two, or four
                   bytes; the order of the bytes  is  big-endian.  Each
                   send  operation  will  generate  the header, and the
                   header will be stripped off on each  receive  opera-

jm wrote:
> The problem: I'm using gen_fsm to model a network protocol based on 
> messages. For the most part the messages are <<runlength, 
> message:runlength/binary>>, except for a few special cases in the 
> initial handshake. The messages are sent over TCP, but there is no 
> guarantee that a complete message or only one message will arrive in a 
> packet. To get around this a queue is mantained as part of the state record,
> -record(state, {
>                  queue
>                  ....
>                 }).
> which is used to hold the bytes recieved but are yet to be processed. 
> When there are bytes remaining after processing the current state the 
> remainder is placed on the queue and
> gen_fsm:send_event(self(), {msg, <<>>}),
> {next_state, new_state, State#{queue = Remainder}}.
> is executed to cause the gen_fsm process to jump to the next state and 
> continue processing. Two questions,
> 1) Can anyone see a problem doing it this way (race conditions, etc)?
> 2) Is there a better way to cascade states with gen_fsm?
> Jeff.
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