[erlang-questions] PostgreSQL driver

Laura M. Castro Souto lcastro@REDACTED
Tue Nov 27 17:58:51 CET 2007


> Anybody have some experience with using any PostgreSQL driver for Erlang
> in production environment ?

	We have been using Erlang + ODBC + PostgreSQL in production environment for 
almost three years now.
	Our application is quite database-intensive. To give you an idea, a gzipped 
dump database file is 18MB right now, 180MB uncompressed, almost 3 million 
	We had some efficiency and performance issues at the beginning, and had to 
un-normalize some of the tables. We do have complex relationships between 
entities that force us to work with joins and subselects rather often, 
though. Still, after taking care of that, the application has been working 
perfectly ever since (at least with regard to the database :-D).


Laura M. Castro

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