[erlang-questions] OS X gs windows display only after selecting

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Mon Nov 26 17:53:05 CET 2007

Is anyone else using gs applications such as the debugger or et
on OS X (native not X11) and do you notice that certain windows 
do not display until you select them?  It's becoming annoying 
enough that I'm going to have to track down what is wrong but I 
thought I'd ask first in case anyone else has tried.

I ran a number of the gs demo applications and they worked fine.
Running toolbar the "Erlang Tools" window displays fine.  When
the appmon icon is selected the "APPMON: Overview on.." window 
comes up but only the title menu bar is visible.  You must click
on the title bar to get the main window to redraw and display.


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