[erlang-questions] how: Problems with installation of Faxien

Torben Hoffmann torben.lehoff@REDACTED
Mon Nov 26 07:33:05 CET 2007

I was just trying to install Faxien and this is what I got back:

[root@REDACTED erlang]#
Extracting the erlware bootstrap
Checking MD5 checksum to verify validity
Creating target directory /usr/local/erlware
Untaring into /usr/local/erlware
Upgrading faxien
replacing existing executable file at: /usr/local/erlware/bin/faxien
{error,{package_not_found,"Package not found: faxien"}}

 - Package not found: faxien
   Please request that a package of this type be compiled for your local
   architecture be published to an accessible repository.
 - For error_logger information look at
 - For sasl log information look at
 - Remember that if you are trying to install a package that 'faxien install
   is for releases, while 'faxien install_app <args...>' is for applications

This does not look too well, but before I raise an issue on it I would like
to know if it is me that is terribly off the mark or there is an issue with

I have downloaded the bootstrap installer and followed the instructions on
the Faxien home page... I guess.

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