[erlang-questions] newbie: How to go about Implementing this problem

Russell King masterofquestions@REDACTED
Mon Nov 26 00:43:57 CET 2007

Hi guys,

I have looked at gen_server approach of client/server model.  What I
need to do is to have one application that can create gen_server
(client/server model) type based on how the initial work chunk is
divided.  I have to pull data from mainframe.  Basically a big feed
file created by the mainframe.  I need to break the file in 4 or 6 or
whatever parts I want and be able to create 4 or 6 or as many servers
as there are divided parts and dynamically distribute work to the
servers on different nodes on different machines.  Each server, would
then create clients on the same machine, to further process their
assigned part of the file.

for example:
1 master(controlling machine1) ,  2 servers (on machine2, machine3)
get small chunk of the work they are responsible for and each servers
create clients to process the work.

1) One, I need to be able to break large work into arbitrary number of
parts and be able to dynamically create as many servers as there are
parts (number of parts can be changed on erlang shell and hot code
loaded). Also need to distribute the server on different machines.

2) Two, I need to process the mainframe file on repeated basis at
specified time interval.

Any other solutions to the problem (other than gen_server) are also appreciated.


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