[erlang-questions] ets gives badarg after recompile

Andrew Arrow oneone@REDACTED
Sun Nov 25 20:46:45 CET 2007

If I create a new ets with

ets:new(myname, [set, named_table]).

and do some inserts and lookups from it everything is fine.  At the
end of the program I call ets:delete(myname).

I can re-run the program from the shell, no problems.  But if I
recompile it and then run I get:

=ERROR REPORT==== 25-Nov-2007::11:38:26 ===
Error in process <0.3579.10> with exit value:

I have to hit control-G and kill the job and create a new shell.  Then
I can compile and run it fine again.  But on the 2nd compile same
thing happens.

Why does c(my_module). make the ets no longer work and require a new shell?

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