[erlang-questions] Erlang vs Clojure

Robin Bhattacharyya robi123@REDACTED
Sun Nov 25 04:12:00 CET 2007

Smerl manipulates erlang at the abstract form, so smerl is kinda like
a lisp macro.  A lispy erlang would make erlang easier to manipulate.

Paul Graham makes the case in his book On Lisp that some special forms
are only possible by using macros.

Rich Hickey, the author of Clojure, makes the case that in the past
lisps failed to catch on because they were off on an "island" with
their own runtimes.  The legacy of Java will be the JVM not the Java
language, as there are currently ~300 languages targeting the JVM.

I think a lispy syntax, with the concurrency principles of Erlang,
running on the JVM runtime, could be a powerful combination.

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