[erlang-questions] program: ANN: ROSEN, an Erlang 3D engine

Dan Gudmundsson dgud@REDACTED
Fri Nov 23 08:16:36 CET 2007

Adam King wrote:
> Looks nice!  One thing you might want to add to your readme file is a
> note that the user might want to add "-smp disable" to the start line.
>  ESDL sometimes has 'issues' with smp/thread compiled erlang (at least
> it does for me - I get a seg fault otherwise).  There's also a small
> note in the esdl readme about it.  Cheers,

Wow, cool another esdl user now I got 4 :-)

That is correct, esdl requires a single scheduler.
Opengl requires all calls to be be called from the same thread that 
created the opengl-context, which I can't control in erlang, e.g. 
processes jumps around between threads.

Thats changed in wxwidgets it creates it's own thread, and every call is
called from that thread. It requires smp erlang (and R12) instead :-)

/Dan (dgud)
PS: I'm re-writing large parts of the wxWidgets port (again), adding a 
pointer <=> handle layer between erlang and driver so we can clean 
memory when processes dies or windows closes, but hopefully I'll make a 
new release before Christmas. The status will be the same though, needs 
testers and user feedback (and devs if someone have spare time and 
ideas). Windows, Solaris-10, Linux and Mac is up and running, at least 
the 4 tests I've got :-)

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