[erlang-questions] program: ANN: ROSEN, an Erlang 3D engine

Corrado Santoro csanto@REDACTED
Thu Nov 22 22:23:16 CET 2007

Dear all,

We would like to announce a new Erlang software that we are developing
at the University of Catania.

It is called ROSEN and the acronym means "RObotic Simulation Erlang
eNgine".  It is an erlang application/library to build 3D environments
populated by simple or complex 3D objects that can also autonomously
move, rotate, etc.. The final objective is to build a complete system
for designing, emulating and testing mobile robotic applications.

It has been briefly presented by Enzo Nicosia at EUC'07 and now the
pre-alpha version is available at:


It is based on OpenGL, so don't forget to install first ESDL

You may find some useful examples in the "examples" dir of the tarball.

The software is at the pre-alpha stage, so please feel free to contact
us for any bug and even suggestion.

--Corrado Santoro and Enzo Nicosia

Eng. Corrado Santoro, Ph.D.
University of Catania - ITALY - Engineering Faculty

Tel: +39 095 7382380        VoIP: sip:7035@REDACTED

Personal Home Page: http://www.diit.unict.it/users/csanto
     NUXI Home Page: http://nuxi.diit.unict.it

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