[erlang-questions] kqueue support

George B Hazan ghazan@REDACTED
Mon Nov 19 15:26:35 CET 2007


Is it possible to enable the kqueue support in erlang under FreeBSD
6.2-STABLE #13? Note says that 5.2 & 5.3 have some problems with kqueue, but
maybe new versions are more stable? At least a lot of software uses it under
FreeBSD without problems... The problem is that ejabberd uses 60% of cpu
under 1000 http-bind connections, and kqueue is known to be a great CPU

Right now I got the following error:
============== 8< ============== >8 ==============
checking for working poll()... ok
checking whether kqueue() is known to be broken... yes; FreeBSD
checking whether kernel poll support should be enabled... configure: error:
no; kernel poll support requested but not found
configure: error: /bin/sh
failed for erts
============== 8< ============== >8 ==============

WMBR, George Hazan (ghazan@REDACTED) 

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