[erlang-questions] erlounge: London, Hypernumbers (almost an erlounge)

Dale Harvey harveyd@REDACTED
Sun Nov 18 13:39:33 CET 2007

During the alpha developers release of hypernumbers we are looking for
discussion with developers that are interested in the new platform.

On tuesday the 20th(this week) we will be hosting a developers meetup at the
erlang training and consulting offices (map
at 6:30pm.

We will do a quick presentation of the work so far, then it will be open
discussion on what developers would expect from the platform, and
applications they would like to write using it. Afterwards Im sure a few
people will be along for a few drinks and more discussion.

If you are interested in attending, give Gordon a quick email at
gordon@REDACTED, and this is an open invitation so invite anyone who
might be interested, its not erlang specific so if you are into any flavour
of development come along.

http://www.erlang.se/euc/07/ has more information on hypernumbers in the
Developing RESTful Platforms With Erlang And Adobe Flex.



P.S the erlounge tags seemed most appropriate, even though im not certain if
this 'is' an erlounge

* http://hypernumbers.com
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