[erlang-questions] odbc: {port_exit, collecting_of_driver_information_failed}

Vincent de Phily moltonel@REDACTED
Thu Nov 15 18:55:23 CET 2007

YC <yinso.chen <at> gmail.com> writes:
> Hi all -I'm running into the following error when using odbc to connect 
> against postgresql.  I'm able to do the same with mysql, and I verified the
> odbc connection working through isql & DataManager.
> It seems that the connection was opened but then closed again, but I'm not
> sure on how to proceed as my ODBC connection is working.  Any one else seen
> this issue before? Any pointers are appreciated, thanks.
> yc(emacs <at> aiel)102> {ok, Ref4} = odbc:connect("DSN=test3", []).
> {port_exit,collecting_of_driver_information_faild}

I'm facing the same problem (up to collecting_of_driver_information_faild) and 
haven't solved it yet. Using postgres and unixODBC on linux. Connecting via the 
GUI works. Using the postgres driver bundled with unixODBC (I also tried the 
driver from http://pgfoundry.org/projects/psqlodbc/, but it didn't work at 

If somebody, or even the original author now has a solution... You know where 
to post :)

For completenes's sake, I'll mention the native driver from 
http://www.erlang-consulting.com/aboutus/opensource.html does work, but 
seriously lack features :(

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