[erlang-questions] clarify: gen_udp Set outbound ip address

Fredrik Thulin ft@REDACTED
Wed Nov 14 09:19:03 CET 2007

mog wrote:
> It seems you are correct, which sucks, multicast seems to be a one way
> street.  You are correct my goal was to have a cloud of machines hidden
> behind multicast ip, i found a nifty program called packeth that allowed
> me to forge the packets and all my linux boxes do drop packets that come
> from a multicast ip although ethereal can see them.  Is there anyway to
> achieve my goal of having a cloud of machines hidden behind one ip?  I
> wanted to be able to have cluster of machines all dealing with this
> data, i guess i can fall back to my second idea having a fast failover
> system like carp, but then im back to a 1-1 failover model instead of a
> cluster.  Is anyone doing anything like this

To jump right into this thread without reading back through it...

Other alternatives is using DNS for load sharing (won't help much with 
failing nodes though), using a load balancer or use some kind of anycast 
setup (heavily used for example by the DNS root servers).

The last one is where you use routing to get traffic destined for a 
certain IP address to end up at different destination hosts based on for 
example the region the traffic is sourced from, but discussing that 
would be quite off topic for this mailing list - use google to search 
for example "dns anycast" to learn more.


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