[erlang-questions] idea: service pack one

Tobias Lindahl tobias.lindahl@REDACTED
Wed Nov 14 09:20:21 CET 2007

Joe Armstrong wrote:

> 4 +++ compile the @spec definitions in comments into code that
> *dynamically* checks types
>         who cares if it's slow and can't be checked statically - the
> dynamic check is very useful
>         while developing

This is on the way through a phd-project by Daniel Luna. It doesn't use 
the @spec declarations, but the new (and experimental) -spec compiler 
attributes. However, it should be reasonably easy to make a tool to make 
the translation.

> 7 ++++ fix c(Mod) and erlc so that they throw *everything* at them ie
> dynamic type checking,
>               xref, cover, dialyzer *without* you having to do anything fancy
>              the defaults for compilation should be to throw all
> checks possible into the compile
>              cycle

Dialyzer could be used with a reduced analysis while compiling. It would 
only be a complement to using Dialyzer on your application, though. To 
get the full power of the analysis Dialyzer needs access to all your 
files at the same time. It seems to me that the same goes for xref. 
Also, cover and dynamic type checking doesn't become meaningful unless 
you have a type check, right?

I totally agree to the general statement, that you should have to do as 
little as possible to access the different safety checks and analyses.


> 8 ++++ make an *erlang* packing mechanism (put the entire application
> in a .dets file - and NOT
> .tar.gz or zip file - then define a bundle structure (look at the MAC
> for inspiration) add application icons
> and a desktop interface.
> 9 ++++ interface to flash using flex 2. Solve the GUI problem once and
> for all as follows
>       repeat after me: client = flash in the browser, server = erlang.
> Intermediate protocol = flash AMF
> There are probably more things I could add - feel free to add you pet
> annoyance that can be easily
> fixed and we'll put it into service pack one.
> Cheers
> /Joe Armstrong
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